Complaints about ‘Lal Saree’ movie being a victim of piracy and cyberbullying – Apu Biswas

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The famous actress of Dhakai film “Beauty Queen”, Apu Biswas has complained about the piracy of the movie “Lal Saree” released on Eid-ul-Adha and being a victim of cyber bullying for no reason. On Sunday (August 6) afternoon, he went to the office of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Additional Commissioner (DB) Mohammad Harun Or Rashid with the related complaint. Apu Biswas told reporters there, “Lal Saree” film is very difficult for me. I came to the DB office to talk about piracy with this film. Also, you know that cyber bullying has increased a lot through social media. Being subjected to cyber bullying in the hope of increasing viewers for no reason. And cyberbullying disrupts people’s normal lives. No one wants it. Because at the end of the day we all live in families. We have a location. Maybe we are actresses, but we have to face different situations due to many news at different times. Apu said, I am the director of the movie ‘Lal-Sari’. This is a donation photo. A few days ago the movie Suranga was a victim of piracy. Then the film team approached DB. Later, detectives brought those involved in the incident under the law. He said, I have appealed for a fair trial against cyber bullying. Those in cybercrime have assured me. I want to say one more thing, we artists go to different countries. I represent the country there. If this happens, our image is damaged. Earlier, Additional Commissioner Haroon Or Rashid had lunch with Apu after coming to the DB office. There were some others with them at the dining table. Later, the DB chief told reporters that Apu Biswas came to the DB office with a complaint of negative, false and misleading information on social media.

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