Complaint against ASI of Chandina police station for taking bribe of lakhs of taka

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A police officer has been accused of extorting lakhs of rupees from a woman service user by luring her to take possession of the property after settling a land dispute in Chandina, Kurmilla. The accused police officer Nargis Akhtar is working as ASI in Chandina police station. The service recipient is the wife of Tajul Islam of Kasharikhola village in Zotsna Akter upazila. He said, ‘There is a land dispute with my own brother. As my brother forcibly occupied 16 percent of the land and cut down the trees, I went to the police station on February 4 to seek help from the police. ASI Nargis Akhtar was the duty officer of the police station at that time. After listening to everything, he accepted an application and took five thousand rupees from me saying that it would cost the police station. A day later he took a total of 1 lakh 11 thousand 500 taka including 1 lakh taka for the surveyor’s expenses and 1.5 thousand taka for the car rental. Service recipient Jotsna Akhtar said, “You (ASI Nargis) want to give me one lakh taka and khechur juice. I went to his house on February 6 and gave him date juice and one lakh rupees. You come to my house and see everything. Later he sent my GD to the court without solving the problem. I have informed everything about this to the OC of the police station. ASI Nargis Akhtar denied the matter and said, “I took the woman’s GD while I was a duty officer. But I don’t have any kind of money. Sahabuddin Khan said, “ASI Nargis took her name from me to investigate the application. I do not know whether the service recipient took money from the woman. Police Inspector (Investigation) of the police station to investigate the matter. I gave responsibility to Azizul Islam. Police Inspector (Investigation) said. Azizul Islam said that the service recipient woman has mental problems due to land tension. The payment of one lakh rupees is not true. But as far as I know, one of the two parties gave 8000 and the other 10000. That money ends with surveying with a surveyor.

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