Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi said that the prices of import-dependent goods have increased compared to last year due to various reasons including increase in dollar exchange rate and increase in transportation costs. He said this in response to a question from government party MP Shahiduzzaman Sarkar in the National Parliament on Tuesday (September 12). Before this, the Parliament session started at 4 pm under the chairmanship of Speaker Shirin Sharmin. The commerce minister said that market monitoring has been strengthened to prevent unreasonable increase in the prices of daily necessities. National Directorate of Consumer Rights Protection conducted 11 thousand 670 market operations in the financial year 2022-23. Till the current August of 2023-24 financial year, 4 thousand 137 companies have been fined 2 crore 46 lakh 33 thousand 300 rupees through a total of 1803 market raids and 6 lakh 42 thousand 100 rupees fine has been collected from 124 companies through settlement of complaints. Tipu Munshi also said that a total of 737 markets have been monitored in Dhaka city in the financial year 2022-23 from the Ministry of Commerce.

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