Comilla in 72 journalists human chained to protest against filing of case against 4 journalists

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The working journalists of Comilla organized a human chain and protest meeting in front of the Comilla Press Club to protest against the purposeful filing of a case under the Digital Security Act against the Comilla staff reporter Ujjal Hossain Billal of Daily Ajker. Comilla Journalists Union, Comilla Photo Journalists Forum, Comilla Youth Journalists Association, Comilla Adyar Parishad, Comilla Journalists Welfare Council, Comilla Sports Journalists Association and Comilla Journalists Forum participated in the human chain on Tuesday (October 17) morning. do A case was registered under the Digital Security Act against 5 people including 4 journalists for publishing the news of an alleged incident of rape in Rancho village of Kandirpar union in Laksam, Comilla. The case was investigated by Comilla PBI and charged. It is said that a report has been given against the journalists in the investigation. The four accused journalists in the case are Ujjal Hossain Billal, staff reporter of Daily Ajker Comilla, Abdul Quader Apu of Anand Television, Acting Editor of Selim Chowdhury Hira, Editor of Sakaler Comilla Saqib Al Helal. Speakers in the human chain said that there is a video statement of the sister against the brother. There are statements of local public representatives, there are complaints. Later, the sister-brother joined together and filed a case. If there was a case, it should have been against the sister and the sister-in-law. If the incident is false, why did they give a video statement? The statement of the accused person has also been taken in the news. But 4 other journalists including sister-in-law have been accused in the case. One person’s name has also been removed from the complaint. They could have sent a protest. Didn’t do that either. Filed a case directly under the Digital Security Act. Journalists approached the PBI and asked for a fair investigation. But I have heard that the charge sheet has been given against the two journalists. I request to remove the name of the journalists from the charge sheet of such purposeful case. If journalists are harassed including arrests, tougher action will be taken. Comilla Press Club Senior Vice President Rafiqul Islam, Executive Member Omar Faruqi Tapas, Comilla Journalists Union Former President Sahid Ullah, Comilla Journalists Union General Secretary Imtiaz Ahmed Jitu, Comilla Television Journalists Association General Secretary Salim Reza Munsi, Comilla Reporters Union Former President spoke on this occasion. General Secretary Delwar Hossain Zakir, Comilla Photojournalist Union General Secretary Ashiqur Rahman Ashiq and many others.

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