Charfassion Begum Rahima Islam College Orientation Meeting

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Md.Mamun Hossain

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Orientation meeting and cultural program was held for the students admitted in the 11th class of the 2023-2024 academic year of Sasibhushan Begum Rahima Islam College, a traditional educational institution of Charfassion Upazila, Bhola.

On Sunday (October 8) morning, the college administration welcomed the freshers by welcoming the freshers with flowers, discussions and cultural programs in the Begum Rahima Islam College auditorium.

Begum Rahima Islam College (Acting) Principal Shariful Alam Shoaib presided over the orientation meeting, members of the Governing Body, Ibrahim Kazi, Rasulpur Union Awami League General Secretary and UP Chairman Zahirul Islam Pandit, Shashibhushan Police Station Officer-in-Charge OC Mohammad Enamul Haque, Salam Patwari, Tapas  Debnath, Maksudur Rahman Rubel and others.

Shashibhushan Thana Chhatra League President Tarek Pandit, General Secretary Mahfuzur Rahman, former Begum Rahima Islam College Chhatra League, President Imran Patwari, former General Secretary Shakeel Howladar were also present.

At that time, the teachers, officers and employees of various departments of the college, fresh and old students and others were present.

To the students, Acting Principal of Begum Rahima Islam College Shariful Alam Shoaib said, Begum Rahima Islam College has all kinds of modern facilities for education.  There are computer labs, multimedia systems, modern science labs, large-scale libraries and pleasant surroundings. The entire campus is covered by CCTV cameras. The college has added Wi-Fi for internet access.  Similar to the facilities offered by urban colleges, there are also more advanced facilities in some areas.  If you attend classes regularly and are focused on your studies, you will surely achieve success.  Our college teachers are very sincere.  Students are achieving success in all classes with their tireless efforts.

Speakers on the occasion presented the glorious history of the college to the students.  They said, those who are admitted here are undoubtedly among the talented.  It is not enough to be a good student, everyone should be patriotic.  Our brilliant children are being wasted today through terrorism.  Speakers urged not to get involved with any kind of addiction.

Also calling on everyone to build a corruption-free, non-communal and liberation war-inspired golden Bangladesh, the speakers said, the new generation should be used to make the nation corruption-free.

After the orientation meeting, the cultural courtyard started with dance, song and drama in the presence of various artists.

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News Source

Md.Mamun Hossain

Charfassion (Bhola) Correspondent

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