Cash and jewelery looted by ransacking houses in Dokhinkhan

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In Dakshinkhan area of ​​the capital, a group of poor people broke into the house and injured the house owner and looted the cash and gold. Dakshinkhan Ashkona Shubo Hotel Lane , Gafargaon House,House No: 303, Flat No: 2/B.

The incident happened on 18-06-2024 at 10 am. Afsana Mimi, the victim, complained about this to Dakshin Khan police station, but no case is being taken in this regard.

According to the complaint given to Afsana’s police station, the attack took place under the leadership of Md. Titu and Zaheer, the tenants of Afsana’s house. On the morning of June 18, tenants Titu and Zahir took them to their godown and beat them up.

When the caretaker of the house Md. Babul judged the house owner Afsana Mimi, when the house owner told his tenants Titu and Zahir about the matter, they got angry and entered Afsana’s flat and beat them and looted Tk 21 lakh in cash and 42 loads of gold.

However, the defendants 1-Md. Titu (48) and 2-Md. Zahir (50) mentioned in the complaint are the tenants of the house of the plaintiff Afsana whose flat No. 7/A, 4/A, 3/B and ground floor godown.

Besides, 3-Saddam and 10/12 unidentified people are mentioned in the complaint. However, the owner of the house, Afsana Mimi, said that she was not getting any help from the police. The police had not registered the case so far.

Raihan, the police officer investigating the complaint, could not be found, so his assistant officer Mozammel was called. He said – we went to the spot and got the facts of the incident, we will take action very quickly

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