Case of teacher beating 5 children students in field Human chain of parents demanding removal and trial 

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Jhalkathi Rajapur No. 9 Lebubunia Govt 5 by Giyas Uddin Sohag, Primary School Assistant Teacher Protest and trial of the severe beating of the student in the school grounds Students, parents and residents of the area formed a human chain to demand. tuesday At 11 o’clock in the Lebubunia market area of Naikathi-Bhandaria road The human chain program was held for an hour on the road in front of the school. The students and their parents complained that the fifth graders were in human chains 5 children threw the student in the field and severely injured him, which is extreme Against human rights and law. If the guilty teacher is in school, in school Students will no longer go. Students are in extreme panic and fear. involved The speakers demanded exemplary punishment and removal of the teacher. Human chain speech The 5th class injured student Mursaline mother Lalaya Begum, Abu Saleh’s mother Maqsuda Begum and Saif Mahmud’s mother Khadija Begum etc. After the human chain, the parents of the students protested in the school grounds. Meanwhile, a team including the upazila education officer went to the school this morning Investigation has started. It should be noted that last Sunday at noon, he was unable to write the answer to the question in the class room On the pretext of playing, 5 children were brought down to the field and severely beaten Teacher Gias Uddin Sohag was injured.

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