Blood grouping program organized by Ramarag Blood Donors and Manav Seva Organisation

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Imam Hossain returned to Narayanganj.

On the occasion of Great Martyr’s Day and International Mother Language Day, free blood group testing program was conducted by volunteers, Ramarag Blood Donors and Manav Seva Organisation.
Ramarag Meraj School premises under Fatulla police station of Narayanganj district started from 2:30 pm till 5:30 pm free blood group test campaign. Through the program, about 200 women, men, children and elderly people of Mohalla were given blood group diagnosis, diabetes test, medicine specialist doctor, gynecologist doctor, pediatrician doctor, and awareness statement about blood donation. managed the campaign
Ramarag Blood Donors and Manav Seva Organisation, with the overall support of the program, Specialized Medical Care Hospital (Director) Md. Sabbir Hossain,
It was attended by the founder of Ramer Bagh Blood Donors and Human Services Organization: Md Sheikh Sani, President of Dhaka City Press Club Md Omar Farooq Jalal and General Secretary Md Bazlur Rahman, President Md; Mizanur Rahman, General Secretary, Mo: Robin Sheikh, Mo: Sheikh Shahin, Mo: Dipu Hasan Mo: Hazrat Abdul Karim.
Mo: Riyad and Mukit
Organizations were also present
including many others. The organizers said that they will create a large database of blood donors by conducting a free campaign in various districts across the country. Shaikh Md Sani, the founder of Ramarbagh Blood Donors and Human Services Organization said, “Raktabandhu” is a larger organization and platform of blood donors across the country. Anyone can become a member by registering in Raktabandhu. Apart from this there is also an app of Raktbandhu on playstore.

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