Bangladeshi manpower is contributing significantly to economy of Oman and Bangladesh

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said Bangladeshi manpower is making important contribution to the economy of Oman and Bangladesh. Both countries are benefiting from this human resource. Agreeing with the Prime Minister, Oman’s Ambassador Abdul Ghaffar said that it is true and they are working for the economy of both countries.
On Thursday (July 4), Oman’s ambassador to Bangladesh, Abdul Ghaffar bin Abdul Karim Al-Balushi, said this during a courtesy meeting with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Later, Prime Minister’s Press Secretary Naeemul Islam Khan briefed the journalists on this matter. In the meeting, the ambassador of Oman said that Oman has been maintaining 7 percent GDP growth for a long time and the growth may reach double digits in the future.
The meeting discussed about assisting Bangladesh in its transition from a less developed country. Regarding the import of fertiliser, the ambassador said that the Government-to-Government (GTO) agreement has been proposed. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that Bangladesh government will verify this proposal. The ambassador said that Bangladesh’s transition from a less developed country to a developing country would be better under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Ambassador of Oman presented a boat to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

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