Bangladesh making equality center to bring equality on digital platform

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Information and Communication Technology Department Secretary Samsul Arefin said that Bangladesh Equality Center is working to bring equality on digital platform.

He said that the backward communities have less access to digital and ICT devices. In this regard, many countries are ahead, and many countries are behind. Our main objective is to bring everyone equal in digital access. In this case, everyone inside and outside the country should be brought on one platform. The issue will also be raised in the UN General Assembly.

On Saturday (August 12) morning, he informed the reporters after a meeting with the ambassadors of different countries in a joint initiative with the ICT Department and the ICT Wing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Rashtriya Guest House Padma. Meanwhile, ICT Department Secretary Samsul Arefin, Ministry of Foreign Affairs ICT Department Director General Dr. Syed Muntasir Mamun was also present.

Asked whether there was any discussion with the ambassadors about e-security, the ICT secretary said that everything was discussed. Cyber security is very important. When we have human data in data warehouses, it must be protected. Nothing can be left out in the digital world.

They are talking about the fact that both the rich and the poor get equal digital access within the country. But when asked whether there has been any discussion about how much Internet speed will be in rich countries and how much will be in Bangladesh, he said that not only within Bangladesh, but outside those who are ahead of us, we have to bring equality. We need everyone’s cooperation. We have to work with those who are lagging behind.

In the meeting, the Chinese ambassador appointed in Dhaka, Yao Wen, Leo Tito L. of the Philippines. Ausan Junior, Deputy Ambassador of Japan, Deputy Ambassador of Vietnam, Representative of United States, Deputy Ambassador of Bhutan, Representative of Nepal, Representative of Maldives, Representative of Russia, Deputy Ambassador of Libya, Honorary Consul of Singapore, Deputy Ambassador of Brunei, Representative of Pakistan, Managing Director of World Bank were present.


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