Hafez of Bangladesh won the third and fourth place in the 43rd International Hifzul Qur’an Competition held in the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia.  Faisal Ahmed won the third place in the Qur’an Hifz category, and the fourth place was Md.  Mushfiqur Rahman.
Prince Badr bin Sultan, Deputy Governor of Makkah, gave the prizes to the winners on behalf of King Salman of Saudi Arabia after the Esha prayer on Wednesday (September 6), local time in Saudi Arabia.
A total of 4 million Saudi Riyals was awarded to the winners of the competition held in five categories. Before this, the 43rd King Abdul Aziz International Quran Competition started in Makkah under the supervision of the Ministry of Islam and Dawah Affairs of Saudi Arabia on August 25. 166 contestants from 117 countries of the world participated in it.
In the competition, Hafez Faisal Ahmed, who came third in the Qur’an Hifz category, received one lakh 80 thousand Saudi Riyals (which is about 52 lakh 62 thousand 579 taka in Bangladeshi currency) and a medal of honor.  Faisal studied at Markazut Tahfiz International Madrasah in the capital.  Hafez Faisal Ahmed’s house is in Brambonbariya  district.
Another competitor Hafez Md.  Mushfiqur Rahman participated in the 15 Para Hifz section of the Holy Quran.  As the fourth prize, he received one lakh 20 thousand Saudi riyals (which is about 35 lakh 8 thousand 386 taka in Bangladeshi currency) and a medal of honour.  Hafez Md.  Mushfiqur Rahman completed Quran Hifz at Mahad An-Nibras in Cox’s Bazar.
Muhaddis Hafez Maulana of Islamic Foundation Bangladesh for the first time in the judging panel of the international competition.  Waliur Rahman Khan officiated.  He was also given a special award on the occasion for the proper performance of the judging of the competition.

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