Baggage harassment will stop at Shahjalal when the third terminal opens

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 A modern technology moving walkway or moving walk has been added to the third terminal of Dhaka’s Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in the style of the developed world. Although we are used to using moving stairs or escalators, moving walks are new in the country. 14 moving walks have been installed at the arrivals and departures of the terminal. Passengers will reach their destination only if they stand on it without walking. Passengers can travel easily using it.

Those concerned with the third terminal construction project say that the first moving walk has been installed in Shahjalal among the country’s airports. Passengers can easily go from immigration to the aircraft when the flight starts at the terminal. Again after getting off the plane, you can walk some way and some way using moving walk to go to immigration. However, elderly and sick passengers and children will get the most benefit from using this technology.

Meanwhile, a sufficient number of automatic escalators and lifts are being installed from the ground floor of the third terminal building to the first and second floors. Passengers and airport workers can go from one floor to another using them.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will partially inaugurate the third terminal on October 7. But it will take another year to start flights at the terminal. That is, passengers will get the opportunity to use this terminal by the end of December 2024. Then this terminal will be able to serve one crore two million passengers a year. Now the existing terminal-1 and 2 are getting services every year about 8 million passengers.

According to Civil Aviation Authority (CAB) sources, Shahjalal’s third terminal building was designed by Singapore’s Changi Airport designer Rohani Baharin. Apart from Terminal-3 of Changi Airport, this architect designed the ATC Tower of Guangzhou in China, Ahmedabad International Airport in India, Terminal Building of Islamabad International Airport. As a result, he has kept all the modern facilities in the design of this terminal. Everything here will have modern automated system.

Those concerned with Shahjalal Airport’s third terminal construction project said that automatic moving walkways are usually installed in big airports, shopping malls, and entertainment centers. Through this, passengers can move quickly and comfortably from one place to another inside the airport. It saves the time of the passengers and they don’t have to walk again. This service is more important for elderly passengers and patients.

According to Bebichak sources, 14 moving walks of advanced technology have been imported from Switzerland through a contractor called Creative Engineers Limited under the third terminal construction project to provide passenger services. Among these, eight moving walks have been installed on the first floor and six on the second floor of the terminal building, which is the first of any airport in the country.

25 September 12 noon. First floor of the third terminal building. At first glance, moving walks have been installed along the north-south direction on this floor. These are being tested by the engineers of the contractor company. Looking again and again to see if there is an error somewhere. They themselves are going from one side to another on the moving walk. That is, standing on it will automatically take the passenger. However, passengers can walk over it if they want.

This moving walk was supervised by the engineer of Creative Engineers Limited. Al-Amin. He said, hundreds of workers of our organization have been working on setting up these moving walks for several months. Now, with the opening ceremony in front, repeated experiments are being conducted. Any error is being corrected.

Engineer of the third terminal construction project. Nizam-Al Hasib told Jago News that moving walkways inside airports in developed countries have been accelerating passenger mobility for decades. Hence, for the first time in Bangladesh, this service has been added to the third terminal of Shahjalal, which has increased the beauty of the airport several folds.

He said that the main infrastructure construction of the third terminal building of the airport is 87 percent complete. Visible are the spectacular terminal, spectacular ceiling, car parking, boarding bridge and other facilities. Preparations are being made for the inauguration. On the occasion of the inauguration, the flyover and beautification work going on inside and outside the terminal.

In 2017, the project to construct the third terminal at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport was taken up. However, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the construction of the third terminal in December 2019. The cost was estimated to be around 21 thousand 398 crores. Out of this, Japanese cooperation agency JICA is giving Tk 16 thousand 141 crore as loan. Bangladesh government is giving the rest of the money. This construction is done by Japan’s Mitsubishi and Fujita and South Korea’s Samsung.

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