Bagan Aleem Madrasa’s recruitment trade worth lakhs of taka despite case ignoring orders of Hon’ble High Court

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Anwar Sadat Jahangir

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Eati Akter

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The High Court issued a ruling to cancel the committee of the Islamia Alim Madrasa, a traditional educational institution of Trishal Sadar Union in Mymensingh, but the current committee of the madrasa is hurrying to make appointments during the Ramadan closure. At the same time, the committee has already been accused of taking huge sums of money from several candidates for this appointment. In this regard, a donor member of the madrasa, Manjurul Haque Sarkar, has filed a case in the Trishal Assistant Judge Court. Despite these court orders, the madrasa committee and acting principal have completed all the procedures to complete the appointment. It is known from madrasa and local sources that the Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board approved the 12-member committee with Masum Billah as its president in Bagan Islamia Alim Madrasa on 1.12.22. Challenging this committee, the former guardian member Shaheen Alam Gong filed a repetition in the High Court to cancel the committee. In Writ Petition 2875/23, a 4 week rule was issued against nine persons including Director General of Madrasa Education Department. Donor Member Manjurul Haque Sarkar on 24/2/23 in Trishal Assistant Judge’s Court in another suit 85/23 learned Court issued 21 days show cause notice. Issued On 7.12.22 in the daily Ajker Bangladesh newspaper, when the recruitment notice for the posts of vice principal, office assistant, security staff, cleaning staff, nanny was published, the office assistant under MPO, Azarul Islam, Peon Ziaur Rahman Trishal Assistant Judge Court 6/2/ Filed another case on 23rd 53/23. In the RG of the case they mentioned that even though we were legally appointed, we have resorted to the learned court as the recruitment circular was published without our MPO. Although there is a case in the court, the president and the acting principal are trying to complete the appointment within the month of Ramadan. It has been alleged that the president and the acting principal have embezzled millions of rupees in these appointments. Director General of Madrasa Education Directorate has completed the recruitment process including nomination of its representative, President and Acting Principal. It is to be noted that the Madrasah Principal’s position is also pending in His Highness High Court 16367/17 and Trishal Assistant Judge Court 303/16.

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