AZM Shafiuddin Shamim distributed sewing machines, maternity grants, honored senior Awami League leaders on Bangmata’s birth anniversary

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Mohammad Masud Majumdar

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Eati Akter

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On the occasion of the 93rd birth anniversary of Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnessa Mujib, the consort of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the source of inspiration for Bengali women, sewing machines have been distributed among the poor and needy, maternity grants and senior Awami League leaders have been honored.
Comilla South District Awami League vice-president A. gave these gifts in a ceremony organized at Abdul Gafur Tower, Shahid Smriti Government College Road, Barura Upazila, Comilla, on the occasion of Bangmata’s birthday. Z. M. Shafiuddin (Shamim). Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnecha was born on August 8, 1930 in Tungipara village of then Gopalganj subdivision. His nickname was Renu. Father’s name is Sheikh Zahurul Haque and mother’s name is Hosne Ara Begum. He was the youngest of one brother and two sisters. On the night of August 15, 1975, he was martyred by the killers of the Father of the Nation.
On this great day for the memory of Mother Bengal. Z. M. Shafiuddin (Shamim) financed 24 women including 15 union women and 9 municipal women of Barura under social responsibility for employment of unemployed people and poverty alleviation, similarly 10,000 cash each as maternity grant to 24 childbearing women. is provided. Apart from this, 36 selfless, selfless and senior leaders of Barura Awami League were honored and awarded. It is noted that Mr. Shamim’s family and the SQ Foundation established by him have been working for a long time to make poor people self-reliant, eliminate poverty, reduce unemployment, develop skilled manpower and create employment, improve the quality of life of people including medical treatment, education, and housing construction.
Bangladesh Awami League, Comilla (D:) district vice-president and prominent industrialist A. Z. M. Shafiuddin (Shamim) said Bangladesh gained independence through a long struggle under the leadership of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Fazilatunnessa Mujib was the motivation behind this fight-struggle-movement. He followed Bangabandhu’s entire political life like a shadow and was a source of inspiration in his every work. When Bangabandhu was repeatedly living as a prisoner in the hands of the Pakistani rulers after the six-point declaration of the Bengali Nation’s Liberation Charter, Awami League leaders and activists at all levels used to run to Fazilatunnessa Mujib. He used to convey various directions of Bangabandhu to them and inspire them to continue the struggle. In the Agartala Conspiracy Case, Bangabandhu was released on parole by some miscreants who conspired to jeopardize the freedom struggle. Then Begum Mujib’s firm stance against parole accelerated Bengal’s liberation struggle. Begum Mujib, who followed Swami Bangabandhu’s ideals like a shadow, did many risky things in her life, for which she had to bear many hardships. Due to the devotion, patriotism, visionary thinking, intelligence and bravery that Begum Mujib has shown in the movement and struggle of the people of this country, she is today sitting on the seat of Banga Mata along with the Father of the Nation. He will forever be remembered for his unique general role in the politics of this country. A member of Comilla South District Awami League was present as a special guest
Former Chairman of Comilla District Council Rear Admiral Abu Taher, Advisory Member of Comilla South District Awami League and Former Chairman of Barura Upazila Parishad Hafiz Ahmed, Former Member of Comilla South District Awami League and Former Mayor of Barura Municipality Md. Bahaduruzzaman, Former Joint General Secretary of Barura Upazila Awami League and Chairman of Aganagar Union Parishad Mazharul Islam Mithu, former president of Barura Upazila Awami Volunteer League and chairman of Jhlam Union Parishad Nurul Islam Nuru and former president of Barura Upazila Chhatra League Md. Farhad Hossain and others. The program was presided over by: Upazila Awami Mahila League Joint Convenor, Oberura Upazila Parishad Women Vice Chairman Kamrun Nahar Shikha.

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