Assistant teacher Bimalendu Goswami is collecting salary without going to school for 8 years

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Moshahid Ahmed

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Eati Akter

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Assistant teacher Bimalendu Goswami of Satbak Government Primary School of Moulvibazar Sadar Upazila has been collecting salaries and allowances for almost 8 years. He has been absent from school for almost 8 years. He joined Satbak Government Primary School last 6/04/2015. Has not attended school since joining till date. It is known that Satbak Government Primary School assistant teacher Bimalendu Goswami is sitting in Sadar Upazila Primary Education Office instead of going to school and doing office work. Besides, going to various subject-based trainings in the name of the school and receiving allowances. But he is not applying the knowledge gained to the school students. Although he has benefited in many ways, the young students of the school are being deprived of their basic right to education. According to a source, he has been working in the upazila office since he was in primary school. A close relative of his is a responsible post in the upazila education office and is repeatedly giving thumbs up. When asked about this matter, Md. Kamruzzaman, president of Satbak Government Primary School, said that if a teacher is absent from a school for 7/8 years, the quality of education of the younger students of that school will lag, it is normal. We have filed a written complaint with Moulvibazar District Primary Education Officer on 25/06/2023 seeking redressal. But there is no cure for invisible reasons. Bimalendu Goswami, the assistant teacher of Satbak Government Primary School admitted the charges brought against him and said – I have been doing official work in the office under the verbal instructions of the Upazila Education Office. It is the hope of the nation that the younger students of the school will be given priority in education. He evaded the question that children are being deprived of education since accession. When asked about this matter, Maulvibazar Sadar Upazila Education Officer (Acting) Aurobindu Karmakar said – Those who bring here for office work, are responsible. i am new Bimalendu Goswami will hold classes in Vidyalaya from next Sunday. Doing official work in the office instead of attending classes in school is evident.

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