An illegal truck stand sitting on centenary old Eidgah ground in Tangail

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A mini truck stand and transport truck unloading area has been illegally installed in the centenary old central Eidgah grounds in Tangail. Established in 1905 on 6 acres of land, this 118-year-old Eidgaon also houses tea shops, aphrodisiac sherbet shops, fast food, singara-puri shops and a bamboo market. As the central Eidgaon site is No. 1 Khas Khatian, the owner of the site is the District Commissioner. Tangail Municipality is responsible for the maintenance of this central Eidganti.

It can be seen on the ground, 8 tea shops, one aphrodisiac sherbet shop, two fast food shops, 2 singara-puri shops have been built on the north side of the boundary wall near the main gate of this central Eidgaon. Hundreds of mini trucks are placed in the middle of the Eidgaon field. A temporary tent has been erected for the minitruck stand donation collection. Two staff sitting in a makeshift tent collects the subscription from each minitruck through receipts. The transport truck stand is sitting in the children’s play area on its west side. Various products are unloaded here from large covered vans. There is no other way but to watch the children and teenagers from different areas playing in the field with the bat in their hands as if they are helpless. Several fitness clubs have been established in Tangail around this Eidgaon ground. Their body is no longer in the place of care and sports. Garbage collected from different parts of Tangail municipality is kept around the market wall of the park in the eastern part of the field. Bad smell is coming out from this dirty city due to rain. At this time, four cleaners of the park market were seen bringing all the waste of the park market to this place.

Tangail’s only bamboo market has been built along the border wall on the southernmost side of the Eidgaon field. Different types of bamboo are kept throughout the southern part. Also, one of the city’s sewage drains located next to the southern boundary wall is full of sewage. As a result, sewage disposal has largely stopped in the western part of the municipal area. Besides, in different parts of Bash Bazar, children and teenagers are seen busy smoking. In the evening, there are various types of intoxicants.

The Eidgaon field has become a lump of soil due to the movement of heavy trucks carrying goods. As a result, the field has become completely unusable. The only drain of rain water in Eidgaon ground has been blocked due to garbage dumped by the municipality. Apart from this, numerous waste including plastic cups of tea, leaves used for making tea, one-time plastic plates used in fast food shops, glass, polythene and used tissue paper are scattered all over the Eidgaan grounds. Apart from this, there is a vegetable market every morning across the Eidgaan grounds. Abandoned parts of various vegetables from the vegetable market are scattered all over the field. There is no way to understand this field, the two biggest religious festivals of Muslims in the year Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha prayers are performed here. Besides, every year from the month of October to the month of February, various types of waj mahfil are organized here. Many believe that it will not be possible to organize various religious ceremonies including Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha prayers in the current condition of the ground.

Students of several educational institutions of Tangail who come to play cricket at the Eidgaon ground said that every Friday they are brought here to play sports. But this time they come to see that different types of trucks have been placed in their play area. Even though they get a chance to play only one day a week, they have been deprived of the chance to play since the last few Fridays due to the illegal construction of truck stands.

Syed Nazmul Hossain, coordinator of Evergreen Fitness Club established in Eidgaon, said that every morning around 8 to 9 fitness clubs around Eidgaon play sports and exercise here. Eidgaon ground is inadequate for so many fitness clubs. Illegal truck stands are built here like Kharad Gaon on Mora. As a result, it has become a big problem for health conscious people including children and teenagers of different ages who come to play in the morning. On behalf of all the active fitness clubs in Eidgaon ground, I strongly demand to protect the sanctity of Eidgaon ground by evacuating the truck stand immediately.

Talked at Tangail Eidgaon Russell Khan, Md. Anishur Rahman, Abdul Latif, Shariful Islam Bhuiya, Mashiur Rahman, Hadi Uzzaman Sohela, Chadek Islam, Jamil Siddiqui, Abdul Majid Sumon, Anwar Hossain, Himel, Swapan and several others. They angrily said that Eidgaon is a holy place for Muslims. Twice a year people from different parts of the district gather here to offer Eid prayers. Over the past few years, tea shops, marbat shops, fast food and Puri Singhara shops have been built here. Which is very attractive. Mini truckstands and transpot drop offs have been illegally installed here since September. The Eidgaon ground has already become uneven due to the movement of heavy trucks. They also said that Eidgaon ground will be renovated repeatedly. Basically no work is done. We want immediate eviction of all illegal structures including illegal truck stands from this central Eidgaon ground. Besides, they strongly demanded to quickly renovate the Eidgaon ground.

Under the leadership of the mini truck stand developed in Eidgaon. Hussain Ali and Rubel said, after eviction of the truck stand in front of the stadium pond,we talking to Ray, the truck stand has been temporarily set up at Eidgaon. When asked how the truck stand was here, he said that our local leader Babla Saha knows the details, we cannot say anything. Tangail Municipal Mayor SM Sirajul Haque Alamgir said that the truck stand has been removed from the front of the pond of the district sports organization and shifted to the Eidgaon field on a temporary basis for the purpose of conducting the Commissioner’s Gold Cup tournament.

In any case, there is no opportunity to have any kind of shop including truck stand in Eidgaon ground. The Tangail Municipality will start the renovation of the central Eidgaon through the tender process within the month of December. Deputy Commissioner of Tangail Kaycharul Islam said that no permission has been given to make a truck stand in the central Eidgaon field. Legal action will be taken against anyone who stops the truck without permission. Member of Parliament of Tangail-5 (Sadar) Constituency Chanwar Hossain said, I am not aware of the matter. Eidgaon is the responsibility of Tangail Municipality. Still, the matter will be investigated and necessary measures will be taken as soon as possible.

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Tarek Rahman

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