Allegations of misappropriation of lease money and disloyalty against the chairman in Patuakhali

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Kazi Mamun

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An allegation of misappropriation of Tk 5 lakh 17 thousand from Hat Bazar lease has been made against Kazi Md. Mizanur Rahman, Chairman of No. 1 Madhavkhali Union Parishad of Patuakhali Mirzaganj Upazila. There are also allegations of various irregularities including passing of no confidence by 8 UP members. Molla Maruf Hossain, a resident of Ward No. 7 of the complainant union filed a written complaint with Patuakhali District Commissioner and Upazila Executive Officer on 28/08/23. It has been said in the complaint that on 27/08/23, 5 lakh 17 thousand taka from the upazila of Hat Bazar lease was received through check and deposited in the general account number 4317***1320 at Sonali Bank Subidkhali branch. On the same day, through two checks, the chairman withdrew Tk 3 lakh and Tk 2 lakh 17 thousand respectively, which is outside the government regulations. According to the rules of money withdrawal of the Parishad, first the project is prepared through the meeting of the Union Parishad in favor of money and sent to the Upazila Executive Officer for approval, from there the Executive Officer will give the project estimate (Shmit) and after calling for tenders, the Parishad gives the work order to the lowest bidder, the Union Parishad Ward Committee and the Supervisory Committee. will form The bill can be raised by the final decision of the two committees. Also, it is illegal to directly withdraw money without working. He did not accept any project that he was talking about. The UP chairman directly withdrew the money of the council without paying attention to any government regulations, which the petitioner considers to be embezzlement. It is to be noted that 8 members of UP passed a motion of no confidence against disregard of rules and various illegal activities and irregularities. Anger and various rumors are going on among the common people of this union. In this regard, Deputy Commissioner Noor Qutubul Alam said, “I have not yet received the copy of the complaint yesterday, August 28, if any such complaint is found, legal action will be taken.” Upazila Nirbahi Officer Sayema Hasan said that he did not receive any copy of the complaint regarding the embezzlement of taka last 28/08/23. The complaint is subject to investigation for action When the accused No. 1 Madhavkhali Union Parishad chairman Kazi Md. Mizanur Rahman called on his cell phone to inquire about the money embezzlement of the council, his brother introduced himself and said that the chairman is a bit busy and in trouble and will talk later. After that he called several times but did not receive the phone call.

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