Allegation of occupying land and building single- storey tin shed houses in Barura in the dead of night

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Liton Majumder

Barura Correspondent

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Eati Akter


The incident took place at Arjuntala Shil House in Barura Municipality on 02-12-2023, Saturday morning, estimated time 4 . 30 minutes time. It is known from Sarzamin that on 13-11-23 , Swapan Chandra Sheel , son of deceased Sukumar Chandra Sheel , in Barura police station ( 1 ) Pramod Chandra Sheel , son of deceased Peyari Chandra Sheel ( 2 ) Tapas Chandra Sheel and his wife Shilpi Rani Sheel , were charged against Barura police station . After calling 999 to complain about the cutting , SI Ali Murtaza of Barura Thana Police reached the spot and asked both parties to maintain peace and order . _ _ _ _ _ _ It is known from the source of complaints from both sides , Arjuntala Moujastha and . S – 95 , DP – 344 Khatian 431 dag 35th century inside 17th century property along with my eldest brother Pramod Chandra Sheel and I own by ancestral inheritance . For the past 1 year , Pramod Chandra Sheel has been trying to forcefully occupy the said property owned by me . My conflict with Pramod Chandra Sheel continues . Because of that , Pramod Chandra Sheel Upazila Executive Officer filed a false complaint against us . Of which memorial no. 3440 . 4 . 46, dated 09 – 03 – 2023 Eng. Later, in this regard , the Shalish was held locally , and the said Pramod Chandra Sheel Nalishi stated his claim in the Shalish at 445 points . Then, when I asked for time to verify the documents of the plaintiff property , the defendants tried to forcefully occupy the plaintiff property without giving time . In this case, last 13 / 11 / 23rd morning estimated 08 . At 00 o’clock , on the orders of one Mohammad Ali , Barura Upazila Agriculture Officer , the said defendants forcibly occupied the plaintiff’s property and cut down 04 mango trees , 02 guava trees and 01 guava trees and 01 cardamom trees and took the parts of the cut trees and placed them on the plaintiff’s property . Jor Parvak built a single-storey tin house in the middle of the night and occupied the bay . When asked about this from Barura Upazila Agriculture Officer Mohammad Ali , he said that I have not given any order to the plaintiff Pramod Chandra Sheel to cut trees or any other matter and he said that I am not the one to give the order. Pramod Chandra Sheel told Swapan Chandra Sheel that on the instructions of Agriculture Officer Mohammad Ali , I cut the trees and built a house on my property . In this regard, Swapan Chandra Sheel said, I was the owner and in possession of the said land by inheritance. I am in possession of the rest of the property except the house land but the defendants are seeking to dispossess the rest of the property.

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