Allegation of conspiracy against Acting Headmaster of Hossainpur Government Primary School

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Moshahid Ahmed

Moulvibazar Correspondent

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Eati Akter

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Vice-president of the school’s managing committee and land donor Abdul Ahad has been accused of conspiring and harassing Zarina Begum, acting head teacher of Hossainpur Government Primary School No. 10 of Nazirabad Union, Moulvibazar Sadar Upazila. Last October 9, in protest against lying and conspiracy, the members of the school’s managing committee, parents, teachers and students held a no-confidence motion against Abdul Ahad, the vice-president of the managing committee and the land donor, in an emergency meeting at the school. Present at this time were Mahmudur Rahman, former chairman of No. 10 Nazirabad Union, Suleman Miah, former president of the managing committee, members Mashahid Miah, Md Chamru Miah, Montu Miah (Ayash), Sundar Miah, Muhit Miah, Zillad Miah, Manik Miah, Azim Miah, Johnny. Begum, Shipa Begum, Rupjan Begum, Rakat Mia, Sahel Mia, Achia Begum, Khela Begum, Yachmin Begum, Madina Begum, Shahida Begum, Mumina Begum and various people. It has been decided to file a written complaint with Moulvibazar Sadar Upazila Nirbahi Officer seeking relief and remedy from the latest harassment and false allegations. Several managing committee members of the school, parents, teachers and students said – acting head teacher Zarina Begum is a simple woman. He has been performing his duties and responsibilities in the school with good reputation for a long time. There are various charges against him including money embezzlement and conspiracy. No one else has any complaints here. Abdul Ahad is involved in a conspiracy to damage the school. All the teachers in the school including the head teacher are women. He is an opponent of women teachers. When asked about this matter, Abdul Ahad, the vice-president of the school’s managing committee and the land donor, said – I was not invited to the meeting. So I did not participate.

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