Work on the Akhaura-Laksam railway project has resumed after two-and-a-half years of stalling by the Indian Border Guard BSF. On Sunday (March 12) around 11 o’clock, the work started after the BGB’s Brahmanbaria Sarail Region Region Commander Brigadier General Mohammad Shahidul Islam visited the project. It was found that the construction of Akhaura-Laksam railway project started on November 1, 2016. After the start of the work, on September 9, 2020, the BSF objected to the work due to the fact that both Kasba and Saldandi stations are within 150 yards of the Bangladesh-India border. This stopped the work of the project. Later various levels of diplomatic activity continued and Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) started effective communication with BSF. Finally after two-and-a-half years the work on Kasba and Saldandadi sections of the much awaited Akhaura-Laksam railway project, which was stopped for a long time due to BSF obstruction, resumed today. Brigadier General Mohammad Shahidul Islam, Region Commander of Sarail Region, said that in order to resume the unfinished work of the project, BGB-BSF has been in constant communication and taking various effective steps with the concerned BSF authorities at the border conference at the director general level and at the level of region, sector, battalion, company and BOP commanders. . Especially in the BGB-BSF director general level border conference held in Dhaka last year, the issue of the closed Akhaura-Laksam railway project was strongly raised. A productive discussion on the project took place at the Bangladesh-India Prime Ministerial level meeting held in New Delhi, India in September of the same year. Also recently there was a fruitful discussion between the concerned Ministries of both Bangladesh and India about starting the unfinished work of the project. He said that on March 1, BGB Director General Major General AKM Nazmul Hasan visited Akhaura ICP, Kasba and Saldandi station area of Akhaura-Laksam railway project and he expressed strong hope that the closed work of the project will start very soon. In continuation of this, the work of this one of the nationally important projects of the country has resumed today. The Region Commander also said that when the Akhaura-Laksam Railway project is completed, it will play a very important and effective role in the national economy of the country. BGB-60 Battalion Captain Ashiq Hasan Ullah, Project Director Engineer Subakt Geen and other officials of BGB and Railways were present at the time.

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