After watching ‘Priyatma’, the American actress said, ‘I liked it very much’

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Actor Shakib Khan’s ‘Priyatma’ is running in the US. After watching the movie, American actress Courtney Coffey said that she liked it very much.

The film’s director Himel Ashraf said this. In a Facebook post on Sunday (August 6) night, he said, “Yesterday, the message suddenly came – ‘I have seen your film!’ I thought he was saying to please. I wrote, really! He immediately texted the picture. And wrote, he likes it very much. Detail said. I understand that he watched very carefully.

Himel Ashraf also wrote, “The reason why I selected him for Rajkumar is proof again.” His dedication for the movie is 100%.

American actress Courtney Coffey is teaming up with Shakib Khan in the movie ‘Rajkumar’ directed by Himel Ashraf.

On the occasion of Shakib Khan’s birthday on March 28 last year, the Maharat of the movie ‘Rajkumar’ was held at the World’s Fair Marina in Flushing, Queens, USA.

Shakib Khan’s own production house SK Films will produce. The movie is co-produced by two expatriate Bangladeshis named Zakaria Masud and Kazi Riton.

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