A young man named Abdul Rahim was seriously injured in an attack by a juvenile gang in Barura, a complaint to police station

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Liton Majumdar

Barura Correspondent

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Eati Akter


The incident took place on the main road in front of Seva Hospital adjacent to the old bus stand of Adda Bazar of Adda Union in Barura Upazila of Comilla on Monday 20th March 2023 at 5:30 PM. According to the statement and local sources, Abdul Rahim (25), son of Md. Razzak, son of Md. Razzak (25) of Mitra’s house in Khatla village of Adda Union, Md. Sajid (19), son of Kabir, a member of Kishore gang, Md. Emran (18), son of Md. Amir, while leaving the house. , Monir’s son Md. Joel (19), Azihul Haque’s son Md. Roni (19), Md. Milan (20) and 5 to 6 persons including Samrat father-unknown illegally boarded the Balaka bus in Adda Barura, Comilla Adda Bazar, South. He got off the bus by stopping the speed, beat him to death and took 80,000 (Eighty thousand) cash with him and left after threatening him. It is known that Md Razzak’s son Abdul Rahim (25) was admitted to the Comilla Medical Hospital emergency department for better treatment by the local people in a critical condition. Currently undergoing treatment. In this regard, a statement has been filed at Barura police station, SD, R No. 548, when asked about the incident with the plaintiff Abdul Quader, he said that the victim Abdur Rahim is my younger brother. After I got the news of the incident, I first went to the spot and found out that my brother is admitted to the emergency department of Comilla Medical in a critical condition. I immediately went to Comilla Medical Hospital and learned about the incident. When asked about the incident with the local people, many who did not want to reveal their names said that Md. Sajid Gong has been doing various crimes in the area. They are involved in molestation of school and college girls, drugs and extortion. But we don’t know who is fueling them. When asked about this, Barura Police Station Officer-in-Charge Md Feroz Hossain said that he has received a statement that no exemption will be given to whoever is the culprit. He will be brought under the law.

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