A meeting of heroic freedom fighters with newcomer uno in Bauphal 

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An exchange meeting was held with newcomer Uono Basir Gazi in Bauphal of Patuakhali under the initiative of Bauphal  Upazila Mukti Jodha Command Council, chaired by former Upazila Mukti Jodha Commander Shamsul Alam Mia. Former Chipwhip Local Parliament ASM Feroze (MP) was present virtually as the chief guest in the discussion meeting. A discussion meeting was held in the upazila hall room at 11 am under the chairmanship of newcomer Uono Basir Gazi. Pradeep Kumar Kund, Assistant Commissioner (Land), Vice Chairman of Upazila Parishad, Freedom Fighter Mosharraf Hossain Khan, Former Freedom Fighter Commander Abul Kalam Khan, Freedom Fighter Rafiqul Islam (Former Chairman Madanpura Union Parishad), Former District Freedom Fighter Commander Abdul Barek spoke in the meeting. Along with other freedom fighters The speakers presented various demands to the government through Uono Bossi Gazi.
It is noted that there are 494 brave freedom fighters listed in Bauphal, 242 of them have died and currently 252 brave freedom fighters are alive holding the freedom flag of Bangabandhu’s leadership. As a gift from Bangabandhu’s daughter, leader Sheikh Hasina, like the rest of the country, Bauphal has already given houses to 12 brave freedom fighters. Another 58 houses are awaiting construction. The brave freedom fighters requested the people of the country to vote by boat for the development of the country, with the aim of strengthening the hand of leader Sheikh Hasina, daughter of Bangabandhu.
Newcomer Uno Basir Gazi gave his speech, assuring full cooperation to all the brave freedom fighters, he declared the event over.

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