A large amount of wood was seized in a joint operation by Ramu administration and forest department

News Source

Mohammad Aman Ullah

Cox's Bazar Correspondent

News Editor

Eati Akter


Ramu Upazila Administration and Forest Department of Cox’s Bazar have seized a large amount of stolen wood in a joint operation. These trees were seized from Bainyakata Mohammad Hossain Ghona of Panerchhara range of the upazila last Monday (March 6) afternoon. According to the sources of the forest department, the identified forest bandits are cutting the trees of the social forestry of Bainyakata Mohammad Hossain Ghona under the Panerchra range of South Mitachhari union of the upazila. On the basis of such news, when the officer of Pan Rham Bit went to the spot, the forest bandits attempted to attack him with sharp machetes. At that time, the Beat officer retreated to protect himself. BIT officer Hosel said that when he got the information about the cutting of social forestry trees, when he went to the spot, local identified forest bandits and several unknown people including Mostak and Ali Ahmed, accused in several forest cases, tried to attack him. When Ramu Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) sought the cooperation of the matter, he himself appeared and conducted a joint operation in coordination with Ansar and Forest Department. During this time, a large amount of small and large wood was seized.

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