A case has been filed against 35 people in connection with the fire Rohingya camp in Ukhia

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Daily Present Times

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Eati Akter


A case has been filed at the Ukhia police station against 30-35 unidentified people in connection with the fire in the Ukhia Rohingya camp of Cox’s Bazar. Rohingya youth Mohsalim filed the case as a plaintiff on Monday at 10:00 p.m. The officer-in-charge (OC) of Ukhia police station Sheikh Muhammad Ali confirmed the matter at 12:00 noon on Tuesday (March 14). The investigation committee got the evidence. The incident of arson occurred due to the terrorist group gaining dominance or any incident related to it. Such information has come out in the report of the seven-member investigation committee formed on behalf of the district administration of Cox’s Bazar to find out the cause of the fire. In which 10 recommendations have been made, including cases of fire, regular operations of law enforcement forces and increasing intelligence activities. Additional District Executive Magistrate Md. Abu Sufian, head of the investigation committee, said that the fire in the Rohingya camp was planned but it is not known who caused it. Ukhia Police Station Officer-in-Charge OC Sheikh Mohammad Ali said that the investigation committee has filed a case accusing 30-35 unidentified people in the terrible fire in the Rohingya camp. Since the filing of the case, we are trying to identify the accused. Incidentally, 2 thousand 805 various structures including houses and 15 thousand 925 Rohingyas were damaged in the fire in Balukhali Camp No. 11 of Ukhia on March 5. Earlier on March 22, 2021, a terrible fire occurred in the same camp. At that time, 11 people died, more than 500 people were injured. More than 9 thousand houses were burnt.

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