A call to leaders and workers of all political parties refrain from oppressing journalists – Dhaka Press Club

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Dhaka Press Club General Secretary Md Delwar Hossain said Journalists are a mirror for all political parties, they work as a mirror of the society. From the highest place of conscience, with the aim of spreading social peace through positive thinking, they constantly highlight the internal black chapters of the society with the promise of change. They only present good and bad events to the nation. As if the responsibility of maintaining peace is the responsibility of the entire civil society including the government. The common journalists are the conscience of the nation and the only dependent information carrier and supplier of various unknown information.

1. Leaders of political parties are often seen taking advantage of poor and helpless journalists in order to widen their identity. In this case, the yellow media of the current digital age is largely responsible. 2. It is the journalists who present the picture of good and bad corruption and misdeeds of the government in front of the nation. 3. Most of the time the common man organizes press conference for the purpose of getting his justice out of the thought that the justice will be obstructed. Nowhere else is there such a big platform of judgment as putting questions to the conscience of the nation and presenting one’s full evidence in the hope of justice. 4. Journalists work together with the police at the risk of life to suppress social crimes. In this work, the lives of many innocent journalists are prematurely killed by assailants or robbers. 5. Administration officials send specific press releases to newspaper offices and journalists to publicize all their successful activities. In this way the common people can know about many initiatives of the government. 6. Leaders and workers of the opposition party take the help of journalists first if they have any problem. 7. Journalist society is the only one that faces the responsibility of senior government officials on behalf of each family by organizing regular talk shows on the important issues of the country and their role in improving the quality of life of expatriates. 8. Journalist is a terror to those who are involved in corruption, extortion, mastani, drug dealer, encroachment, land encroachment, women unemployed, illegal unemployed in the society. 9. Just like black and white, light and dark are two different positions, it is a wrong way of thinking of the civil society to mix real professional journalists with yellow. 10. Finally, the journalist plays a strong neutral role in the development of the conscience of the nation, the journalist works as a mirror for a nation. Government party and opposition party are equal to them. So I am saying to the leaders of all political parties. Help the journalists, change the attitude towards them, I am looking forward to you.

Today, our journalists are the most affected, tortured and oppressed after being counted so many times. Our journalists are theirs While carrying out their professional duties, several media colleagues including Ittefaq, Zaham TV, Ekushey Television, Jamuna TV and Swadhin Sanbad, NG TV, News Garden, Kalbela have been injured and killed at various times by miscreants. The last call on 28 October 2023 by the Bangladesh Nationalist Party Ahmed Faiz, Chief Correspondent of Bangla Tribune Salman Tarek Shakeel, photojournalist Sajjad Hossain and own reporter Zobair Ahmed, reporter of Dainik Kalbela Rafsan Jani, Abu Saleh Musa, Rabiul Islam Rubel and Touhidul Islam Tarek, during their professional duties in the capital for the purpose of gathering news of the Mahasambesh. Dhaka Times Reporter Salekin Tarin, Breaking News Crime Reporter Kazi Ihsan Bin Didar, Dainik Inkilab Photojournalist FA Masum, Dainik Ittefaq Multimedia Reporter Tanveer Ahmed, Ekushey TV Reporter Tauhidur Rahman and Camera Person Arifur Rahman, Daily Desh Parwant Journalist Arifur Rahman Rabbi, Ittefakeri Journalist Sheikh Nacher and freelancer Maruf. Special Correspondent of DPC Bangla TV Idi Amin Apello, Ash Salam Mintu, Mizanur Rahman, Sujan Mahmud Staff Reporter of Dainik Mukta Khabar Patrika and many others were injured and killed at the hands of miscreants.

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