81 expatriate Bangladeshis arrested for violating residence and work rules in Saudi Arabia

News Source

Abdullah Al Mamun

Saudi Correspondent

News Editor

Eati Akter

Sub- Editor

The country’s law and order security forces have arrested 81 expatriate Bangladeshis for violating the rules of residence and work in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia.  According to the information, last Friday, the police of Riyadh region arrested a total of 168 expatriates from different countries who violated the rules of residence and work. Among them are 81 expatriate Bangladeshi nationals, 29 Pakistani nationals, 27 Yemeni nationals, 18 Indian nationals, 6 Sudanese nationals, 3 Egyptian nationals, 2 Ethiopian nationals, 1 Sri Lankan national and 1 Ugandan national.
Those arrested were arrested for leaving their respective companies and Kapil’s company to work elsewhere, illegal to work and live elsewhere without permission under Saudi law.It provides for repatriation with imprisonment .  Legal action was taken against those arrested and they were sent for public prosecution .

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