54 families changing their fortunes with help of Shafiuddin Shamim in Vauksar Union of Barura

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Mohammad Masud Majumdar

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 Comilla South District Awami League Vice-President A ZM Shafiuddin (Shamim) is a candidate for the boat symbol of Bangladesh Awami League for the Comilla-8 (Barura) constituency in a ceremony organized by the Vauksar Union Awami League and its affiliates at the central Eidgah ground of Vauksa in Barura on Friday, October 13 afternoon. With its funding, 1 auto rickshaw for 9 unemployed helpless men of 9 wards of the union, 1 sewing machine for 9 helpless women, medical assistance for 9 sick patients, maternity allowance for 9 women in need of childbearing, 18 sacrifices and Honors and gifts to senior Awami League leaders, financial assistance to 8 mosques, 1 temple and 1 madrassa.

Comilla South District Awami League vice president A Z M Shafiuddin (Shamim) was present as the chief guest in the event under the chairmanship of Advocate Anwar Hossain, former vice president of Vauksa Union Awami League.

Prominent citizens of Vauksar Union said that it would be an exemplary and humanitarian initiative to support 54 families by extending humanitarian aid to help them in livelihood, helpless poor women, health issues of maternity mothers and not being able to get treatment in extreme poverty.

There was a different expression of expectation and achievement on the faces of the people who came to get auto-rickshaws and sewing machines and medical aid and maternity allowance as support for self-employment. They said that no one had come forward to help the helpless people in this way before in Barura. If other industrialists of Barura come forward like Shamim Sahib is standing next to our poor people then there will be no more poor people in Barura. We pray for him that he can always bring smiles to the faces of hardworking people by serving people like this. This time I also talked to some senior Awami League leaders, they said that when I did politics, I worked for the party, I stood by the workers, now we are old, we can’t go to party meetings like before, many of them do politics, everyone is like that. Busy, where is their time to take our news? Mr. Shamim is an honest and humble politician, he has taken the initiative to honor and give gifts to senior leaders, remembering us, there can be no greater gift than this in life.

In the speech of the chief guest, A Z M Shafiuddin (Shamim) said, as always, I am working to improve the quality of life of the local residents by prioritizing five basic issues- 1) Reducing the dependency and creating skilled manpower, 2) Reducing the health risks of pregnant women and unborn children. , 3) Medical assistance to the poor 4) Construction and renovation of religious places of worship, 5) Appreciation of the party’s selfless, devoted and senior leaders. I feel relieved to be able to reach out to the people of Vauksar Union through today’s event, to stand by those who are living here in various problems and to honor the veteran and dedicated leaders of the party.

In the meantime, the work of distributing grants, awarding honors and organizing party leaders and workers in total 10 unions including Aganagar, Payalgacha, Shilmuri (S), Khoshbas (N), Shakpur, Khoshbas (S), Adra, Jhlam, Chitda and Galimpur of the upazila. He said that these activities will be continued in every union and municipality of Barura upazila. He said, making poor people self-reliant, eradicating poverty, reducing unemployment, building skilled manpower and creating employment is one of the goals of me and SQ Foundation. To achieve this goal, my family has been conducting various support activities for the last 30 years.

He also said that Father of the Nation Bangabandhu last Mujibur Rahman brought independence and sovereignty of Bangladesh through the Great War of Liberation in 1971. His privileged daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is implementing the dream of building a golden Bengal. People’s leader Sheikh Hasina has written the path of our economic liberation. Unprecedented development was achieved throughout the country during his rule. Bangladesh is now a role model and the wonder of the world in terms of development and prosperity. Bangladesh has achieved significant success in almost all economic indicators. Bangladesh has now become a developing country from a less developed country. The standard of living of citizens has changed through education, health, per capital income, civic services and multifaceted social security programs.

He said that the last 15 years were the greatest period of development in Bangladesh, the development that normally takes 45 years in the infrastructure and socio-economic sectors of the country, under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, we were able to do it in 15 years. Today, Bangladesh has become the 32nd member of the World Nuclear Club through the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant. Last week, the third terminal of the Shahjalal International Airport with all international facilities and the Padma Rail Bridge were inaugurated. This development is not tolerated by many people, they want to turn Bangladesh into a dependent state, we cannot allow it to happen. So let’s all vote together to continue development and modernization under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and re-elect Bangabandhu’s leader Sheikh Hasina and her party.

It is noted that Shafiuddin Shamim personally and through his established SQ Foundation for a long time cumilla South  Barura is working to improve people’s quality of life through multifaceted support programs including food, education, medical treatment, housing. Moreover, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s multi-dimensional development activities, successes and social security programs have been widely displayed among the marginal public by installing a smart LED electronic billboard in Barura Municipality and arranged exhibitions through mobile smart LED vans in important markets and public places of various upazilas of Comilla South District.

Comilla South District Awami League member and former chairman of Comilla District Council, former Navy chief Rear Admiral Abu Taher, Comilla South District Awami League advisory member and Barura Upazila Parishad former chairman Hafiz Ahmed, Comilla South District Awami League former chairman were present as special guests. Member and former Mayor of Barura Municipality Md. Bahaduruzzaman, Vice Chairman of Barura Upazila Parishad and Vice President of Barura Upazila Awami League Md. Kamal Hossain, Female Vice Chairman of Barura Upazila Parishad and Joint Convenor of Awami Mahila League Kamrun Nahar Shikha, former member of Barura Upazila Awami League. General Secretary and Chairman of Aganagar Union Parishad Mazharul Islam Mithu, Shilmuri (R): Union Parishad Chairman Alhaj Omar Farooq Bhuiyan, former President of Barura Upazila Awami Volunteer League and Jhlam Union Parishad Chairman Nurul Islam Nuru, Adra Union Parishad Chairman Rakibul Hasan Limon, Shilmuri (W) Union Parishad Chairman Abduch Salam, Barura Shaheed Smriti Government College former VP Abdul Mannan, Barura Upazila Awami League member Moniruzzaman Babul and Barura Upazila Chhatra League former general secretary Nashir Uddin Mihir etc.

The program was conducted by the former president of Barura Upazila Chhatra League Md. Farhad Hossain and the former general secretary of Vauksar Union Awami League Mezbah Uddin Majumder.

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Mohammad Masud Majumdar

Special Correspondent, Cumilla

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