4 hundred and 63 Punja Mandavs waiting for beginning of Autumn Durgotsava at Lalmonirhat

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Like the rest of the country, Sharidiya Durgotsav, the biggest festival of the Hindu community, is starting from next Friday (October 20) in Lalmonirhat. It will begin on Friday and conclude on Tuesday (October 24) with the idol worship. Durgotsava of the Hindu community is now part of the traditional culture of Bengal. In Lalmonirhat district, the joyous festival of autumn Durga Puja prevails everywhere.
Bangladesh Pooja Celebration Parishad Lalmonirhat district branch sources said that Durgotsav will be held in 4 hundred and 63 puja temples in this district this year. Among them, 1 hundred and 60 Puja Mandabs will be held in Sadar Upazila. A total of 25 in Lalmonirhat Municipality area, 21 in Mogulhat Union, 12 in Kulaghat Union, 15 in Harati Union, 9 in Barabari Union, 21 in Gokunda Union, 20 in Panchagram Union, 8 in Rajpur Union, 14 in Khuniagach Union, 15 in Mahendranagar Union. T.
Punjamandab will be held in Aditmari upazila 114 times. 10 in Durgapur Union, 14 in Velabari Union, 16 in Kamalbari Union, 24 in Sarpukur Union, 5 in Saptibari Union, 28 in Vadai Union, 11 in Palashi Union, 6 in Mahishkhocha Union.
89 Punja Mandab will be held in Kaliganj Upazila. 5 in Bhotmari Union, 14 in Madati Union, 12 in Tushbhandar Union, 9 in Dalgram Union, 7 in Kakina Union, 16 in Chalbala Union, 14 in Goral Union, 12 in Chandrapur Union.
71 Punja Mandabs will be held in Hatibandha Upazila
3 in Barakhata Union, 4 in Fakirpara Union, 1 in Goddimari Union, 2 in Singimari Union, 17 in Tongbhanga Union, 4 in Sindurna Union, 3 in Patikapara Union, 3 in Dauabari Union, 12 in Noodabas Union, 10 in Gotamari Union, 12 in Velaguri Union.
28 Punja Mandabs will be held in Patgram Upazila.
4 in Patgram Municipality, 2 in Patgram Union, 2 in Srirampur Union, 1 in Burimari Union, 6 in Jagatber Union, 6 in Jongra Union, 6 in Baura Union, 1 in Dahgram Union.
Former General Secretary of Bangladesh Puja Celebration Parishad Lalmonirhat Municipal Branch Muhin Chandra Roy said that next Friday (October 20) Durga Puja will officially begin with Shashti Puja. Next Tuesday (October 24) Sharadiya Puja will conclude with Dasami and Bisarjan.
Bangladesh Puja Celebration Parishad Lalmonirhat district branch president Hira Lal Roy said that all preparations have been made for the peaceful celebration of the main religious festival of the Bengali Hindu community, Sharidiya Durga Puja.

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