20 families are under house arrest in Keshavpur due to terror of members of the army

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Firoz Alom

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Eati Akter

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It has been reported that at least 20 families of UP member Shah-Jahan Bahini of Ward No. 9 Muminpur village of Bauphal  Upazila of Patuakhali have been put under house arrest.
The complainants said that soon after Shahjahan Gazi became acting chairman from UP member, many families of the area became fed up with the reckless activities of his terror forces. Among them, a terrorist group of 20-30 people including Samsu Gazi, Feroze, Neshar Gazi, Rashed Gazi, led by Shahjahan member and Afzal Gazi, occupied the land of poor families with indigenous weapons, ramda, bogi dao and sticks, on September 9 at around 4 pm. Attacked them while doing so. The attackers beat Shah Hussain Gazi and Khabir Ankan and seriously injured them. Hearing the news, people ran from their houses and chased them with native weapons. They ran away and saved their lives. During this time, several women were beaten and their clothes were pulled and molested. Later, the assailants entered the house and broke the doors and windows of the house, causing heavy damage to the helpless family, they alleged. Not only that, the injured were not allowed to come for medical treatment after being beaten, they were kept under house arrest and it was announced that they would be beaten if they came out on the streets. At least 20 families have become housebound due to the insecurity of their lives as terrorists rehearse weapons around their homes at night. Also, the local people claim that cow theft and other misdemeanors have increased in the area immediately after becoming the acting chairman. In this regard, the house arrest family has demanded fair trial through legal system. Accused Shahjahan Gazi could not be contacted due to multiple attempts on his mobile phone.

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