2 Bangladeshis die in a bus accident on their way to perform Umrah in Saudi Arabia

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Abdullah Al Mamun

Saudi Correspondent

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Eati Akter


20 Umrah passengers, including 2 Bangladeshis, were die and 29 injured when a bus leaving for Umrah crashed in southwestern Saudi Arabia.
 20 Umrah pilgrims were die on the spot when the bus carrying pilgrims from Al-Asir Province to Makkah Al-Mukarrama met with an accident. Among them, it is known that there are many Bangladeshi Umrah pilgrims, but the names of two Bangladeshis have been identified so far. The deceased are Muhammad Asif Bara Maheshkhali of Cox’s Bazar district  Son of Ahmad Ullah of East Fakiraghona village of Union and Sefayet of Bara Dail area of ​​Bara Maheshkhali Union of Cox’s Bazar district.
 It is known that a bus carrying Umrah passengers collided with a bridge and overturned and caught fire instantly.  More than 20 people, including several Bangladeshis, were killed and about 29 seriously injured in the accident in Aqaba Shaar area of ​​Asir province.
 The accident took place yesterday Monday around 4 pm. The bus left Khamis Mushayet in Aqaba Shar area of ​​Asir province and was heading towards Makkah.
 According to information, the bus collided with a bridge when its brakes failed, causing the bus to overturn and catch fire.  The fire was brought under control with the efforts of Red Crescent Fire Service team members at the scene, while the victims of the accident are known to be of different nationalities including Bangladeshis, but the names of all are not yet known.

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