2 Bangladeshis and 8 Pakistani nationals arrested while smuggling drug cocaine in Saudi

News Source

Abdullah Al Mamun

Saudi Correspondent

News Editor

Eati Akter

Sub- Editor

Saudi law enforcement forces arrested 10 people including 2 Bangladeshi and 8 Pakistani nationals while smuggling drug cocaine in Dammam Hafar Al-Batain in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia.
10 Residents Arrested for Distribution of “Shabu” Security patrols in Hafar Al-Batin Governorate of Eastern Province have arrested 8 residents of Pakistani nationality and Bangladeshi nationals for distribution of drug methamphetamine “Shabu”. It is reported that the security forces of the governorate of Hafar Al-Bateen in the Eastern Province managed to arrest 2 Bangladeshis and 8 Pakistanis along with the drug cocaine while smuggling drugs on Sunday.
 The General Security said in a statement that those involved have been arrested, and legal action has been taken against them and referred to the appropriate authorities.

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