154 crore bribe transaction Saudi Arabia government has arrested 2 former officials of Dhaka embassy

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Abdullah Al Mamun

Saudi Correspondent

News Editor

Eati Akter


Saudi Arabia’s supervision and anti-corruption authority has arrested two former officials of the Saudi embassy in Dhaka on charges of giving visas to Bangladeshi workers with bribes.
Based on specific allegations, two Saudi officials were arrested for accepting bribes of 54 million Saudi Riyals (which is about 154 crores in Bangladeshi currency) from Bangladeshi workers.
The accused arrested are Abdullah Falah Mudahi Al-Shamari, former head of consular department and deputy ambassador of the Saudi Embassy in Dhaka and Khaled Nasser Ayed Al-Qahtani, deputy head of the consular department.
According to the information, the two former officials collected 54 million riyals from the Bangladeshis in exchange for giving visas to the workers. They admitted to sending a part of the bribe money to Saudi Arabia and invested the rest in countries outside Saudi Arabia. It is known from the recruiting agency.  Three officials of the Saudi Embassy have been temporarily suspended for giving work permits with bribes.  However, the identity of the third dismissed officer is not yet known.
Saudi Arabian recruiting agencies, who have not been identified, tipped the country’s oversight and anti-corruption authorities about embassy officials’ visa trades, which investigated and found the truth.

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