District Consumer Rights Protection Directorate fined 11,000 rupees to three potato businesses in Brahmanbaria for trying to make more profit. Assistant Director of Brahmanbaria Consumer Rights Protection Directorate conducted this operation in Anand Bazar district city on Monday afternoon. Mehdi Hasan. Anand Bazar’s M/s Ayana Enterprises were fined Tk 4,000, M/s Fazlul Haque Tk 2,000 and M/s Tamanna Banijaloy Tk 5,000. Assistant director of Brahmanbaria consumer rights protection directorate. Mehdi Hasan said that there are instructions from the higher level of the government to keep the commodity prices stable. Some unscrupulous traders are destabilizing the market by keeping the price of potato high. On the basis of such complaints, an operation was conducted today in Anand Bazar of the district town. In the raid, it is seen that they are buying potatoes for 39 taka and selling them for 45 taka and selling potatoes without saving the ripe receipt in the hope of more profit. He also said that later Tamanna Trading was fined Tk 5,000 for the crime of not keeping receipts under the Consumer Rights Protection Act, M/s Fazlul Haque Tk 2,000 and M/s Ayana Enterprise Tk 4,000 for the crime of selling potatoes at a higher profit. This operation of the Directorate of Consumer Rights will continue to keep the market stable. At that time Sadar Model Police Station was present.

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