1000 families affected by Jamuna’s erosion received gifts from the Prime Minister

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Tarek Rahman

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 Low-income people of Dishehra Char area in increasing water in Jamuna river in Tangail. As a result, the people of many families who eat food are in food shortage. As a result of the increase in water, thousands of people in the upazila are trapped. Local MP Tanveer Hasan Chhota Monir is standing next to these water-logged distressed people and people affected by river erosion with the relief gift of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.
On September 10, Sunday morning, MP Tanveer Hasan Chhota Monir handed over the gifts of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to the people of Gobindasi and Nikrail Union river erosion areas of the upazila. During this time, 10 kg of rice was distributed among 1000 poor and vulnerable people.
Local Awami League leaders including Upazila Executive Officer Bellal Hossain, Bhuyapur Police Station Officer-in-Charge Aman Ullah, Upazila Awami League General Secretary Taherul Islam Tota, Upazila Parishad Vice Chairman Monirul Islam Babu, Gobindasi Union Parishad Chairman Dulal Hossain Chakdar were present.
Kulsoom Begum of Patitapara village is happy to get food rice. He said that the house was flooded a few days ago. There is nowhere to go. There was also food shortage at home due to waterlogging. We have to live inhumanely. I don’t have much money. Today MP gave us rice benefit. After receiving the gift of rice, it will be gone for a few days. I was very happy to get rice during the flood.
Local Member of Parliament Tanveer Hasan Chhota Monir said that many families in Gobindasi upazila and Char area of Nikrail Union live a miserable life during monsoons. Many become unemployed. Therefore, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s gifts have been distributed to find them. Other unions of the upazila which have river erosion areas will stand next to them. In addition, he asked the people of Char area to vote in a boat by highlighting various developmental activities of the government.

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