01 drug dealer including Phencidil was arrested from Keraniganj area of ​​Dhaka in RAB-10 operation

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Daily Present Times


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Eati Akter

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Yesterday on September 05, 2023 AD at approximately 18:40 hours, a raiding team of RAB-10 conducted an operation in Zinjira area under Keraniganj Model Police Station of Dhaka District and seized 01 drugs including 30 (thirty) bottles of Phencidil worth approximately Tk 90,000/- (ninety thousand). The businessman was arrested. The arrested person’s name is Rabbi Sarkar (40), father-deceased Md. Amir Ali, Sang-Tengra, Thana-Sripur District-Gazipur.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the arrested person is a professional drug dealer. He had been supplying Phencidil and other drugs to different areas of Dhaka city including Keraniganj for quite some time. A drug case was lodged against the arrested person: Transferred to the concerned police station.

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