Saree is a dress that enhances the look of Bengali girls when worn. Saree can double the beauty of a girl. Bengali girls are very fond of wearing sarees. They wear sarees on various occasions like Pahela Boishakh, Pahela Phalgun, various wedding ceremonies, various parties and many other occasions. Pahela Boishakh, Pahela Phalgun, various wedding functions, various parties will get very beautiful sarees at Pranaini. Photo – Anika Tabassum

At one time Bengali girls used to wear sarees all the time. But now women are wearing sarees less due to different types of three piece and maxi wear. But in different occasions girls wear sarees of different colors to show off their beauty. Such as loom sarees, katan sarees, different types of silk sarees, besides now new types of fabric sarees are available. Again there are Nakshi sarees, the girls create different scenes on their saree as they wish, some of them paint the fabric and others make their own sarees with needle thread. Wearing these sarees doubles the beauty of girls. Besides, Banarsi saree, Muslin saree, Jamdani saree, Georgette saree are mostly worn by the women of Bengal.

Apart from this, today’s girls decorate the saree in different ways with chumki and lace as per their choice. In some sarees you can find variations of Bengali style, in some sarees you can find pictures of different writers, and in some sarees you can see different Alpanas. Seeing a saree like this reminds everyone of Bengal’s ancient Bengal. This saree is very popular abroad. They also love to wear such sarees. Because as the saying goes, saree is a woman’s gift.

A saree is one thing that adorns a variety of women’s looks in a new way. Besides, the saree is a means of perpetuating our ancient characteristics. Twelve hands are the saree, which enhances the beauty of women in a wonderful variety. Which women will never feel so beautiful if they wear other clothes. That is why it is said that a woman will never fit in any other clothes except a sari. That is why there is no alternative to sarees to preserve the diversity of Bengal. So everyone has to follow one thing only through saree we can sustain our tradition. And the value of sarees is immense not only in Bangladesh but all over the world.

Bengali girls wear different types of sarees. For example: Sadh, marriage, food also in Muslims they wear different types of sarees. Various festivals seem to show the appreciation of women’s sarees. Saree shops are crowded with women. What you can see is how high the value of saree is for Bangladeshi women. Besides, Bangladeshi sarees are very popular in the world. Jamdani Muslin Katan of Bengal which is much better than other countries, whose value is and will remain high throughout life. Bengalis are famous for sarees since ancient times. These sarees are being exported to the world and are taking the export fortune of Bengal much further. As a result, a lot of foreign currency is being earned in Bangladesh. So it is said that saree is the honor of a woman and saree is the value of a woman.Since we are Bengalis, it is natural that Bengali women like to wear sarees. Sarees are the clothes of Bengali women. To tell the truth, Bengali girls eat a little more. So naturally their body is a bit fat. If you see South Indian girls then don’t look like this. And fat girls look more beautiful when wearing a saree. Wearing a saree covers everything.

Even though new clothes are modernized daily, the eternal beauty of Bengali women emerges only in sarees. The timeless appeal of the saree remains undimmed even today. 12 hands are as if the beauty of a saree means all other expensive clothes. And that’s why saree is a favorite dress for Bengali women.Only Bengali women know the artistic beauty of a twelve hand long unstitched piece of cloth that can be neatly wrapped around the body. Again, only women, Bengali women, can do all the work with this huge cloth wrapped around the body. Just as many people are seen swimming in ponds wearing sarees, they are also seen riding motorcycles, riding bicycles, driving pots etc. in sarees. May Bengali women enjoy this luxury of saree for ages.

Wearing a saree doubles the beauty of women. So you can wear sarees from Pranayini’s collection to enhance your beauty. You will get beautiful beautiful saree in very low price.

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