Tanin Subha is everyone’s favorite actress of this time. Working equally on big screen and small screen. He started his career with advertisements but now he is busy in acting. His musical film is coming tomorrow (February 14) on Valentine’s Day. He talked about his busyness and other issues. Some parts of the interview are presented for the readers. Tomorrow the new musical film ‘Tor sane hoilam pravasi’ is coming. I want to know about this. Tanin Subha: After about two years I worked in a musical film. It was shot in Pubail, Gazipur. The lyrics and music of the song are composed by Abdullah Al Mamun. He also sang. Music arranged by Sujan Ansari. The model opposite me is the singer himself. The musical film is produced by Mehdi Hasan. The musical film will be released on C Series Agniveena YouTube channel. Here I played the role of an expatriate’s husband. Although negative characters may seem to the audience, but the story is good. Hope the audience will like it. How is the drama going? Tanin Subha: Now I am doing plays regularly. Baisakhi Television directed Sadeq Siddiqui’s ‘Cinema Manoo’ serial is in progress. I have completed the work of 5 volumes of plays with Siddique Bhai. The shooting of Sadeq Siddiqui’s ‘Paribanu’ drama is ahead. More job offers are coming. Tell us about the busyness of the movie Tanin Subha: Work on three movies has been completed. ‘Bir Mata’ directed by Javed Mintu is likely to release on Eid. Story based work. The same director’s ‘Dui Rajkanya’ – is also awaiting release. Apart from this, there is ‘Premer Bandhan’ directed by Gazi Jahangir in this list. Not working in advertising? Tanin Subha: Now I am more busy with business. There are two parlors in Aftabnagar and Basabo. On the other hand, time has to be given. So even if you want to, you can’t do all the work. What are you planning on February 14? Tanin Subha: To be honest, there are no other plans. Because I don’t have a boyfriend. At this time you have to spend time in the parlor. I will give Some people are working in the parlor. I will give them time. Spend time with family. So it can be said that my Valentine’s Day will be spent with family and people working in the parlor.

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