Although Valentine’s Day was not celebrated in Saudi Arabia, a conservative country in the Middle East, this year, a different picture can be seen.
Heart-shaped chocolates were not sold over the counter on Valentine’s Day due to a 2016 ban by Saudi religious police.
After that in 2018, a Saudi religious figure supported the celebration of Valentine’s Day for the first time in Saudi Arabia.
Sheikh Ahmed Qasim al-Ghamdi, former president of the Commission for Propaganda and Sin Prevention in Mecca, said on a TV show that celebrating Valentine’s Day does not contradict Islamic teachings and that celebrating love is not limited to non-Muslims.
Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide, much like Mother’s Day, as a positive aspect of humanity.
As a result, Valentine’s Day in Saudi Arabia is becoming very profitable for businesses, especially florists, restaurants, cafes, cosmetic clinics and beauty salons, and these establishments offer special discounts on Valentine’s Day.
Fitaihi, a well-known Saudi brand, is offering discounts on love bracelets and lockets for what they call “very special occasions”.
Fitness centers like Refit Gym are offering discounts to new members and supermarkets like Al-Tamimi are selling all kinds of love goods like chocolates, teddy bears and red roses.

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