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Women’s favorite brand – “Fashionable Dresses” has been running the business with reputation for about 10 years on the 2nd floor of House No. 16, Shah-Makhdoom Avenue, Sector 13, Uttara of the capital.It is known that female entrepreneur Anika Tasnim Bari has been selling boutique dresses through her Facebook page in addition to the showroom named Fashionable Dresses since 2013. By providing quality products and gaining customer loyalty, the Facebook page named Fashionable Dresses has gained immense popularity. Its current number of followers is more than 2.2 million.

This popular domestic boutiques dress company is equally working in making dresses for any festival of the country, be it Eid, or Puja, it is not behind in any festival “Fashionable Dresses” collection. Every year, outlets and pages accumulate great Puja and Eid collections.

This company has been working with local materials since the beginning. This domestic clothing brand has already made a place in the choice list of buyers by designing based on theme.

Along with block, screen print designs there is yarn work, use of glass dollars. And there are two backs and three backs of handpaint according to the customer’s demand. Apart from Uttara outlet you can shop for any social and religious occasion from “Fashionable Dresses” online page.

“Fashionable Dresses” is working with various clothes of young women in current fashion. The company has already received a great response among the customers due to the tasteful design and the opportunity to make the clothes according to the customer’s needs.

“Fashionable Dresses” brings variety and modernity to their wardrobes by prioritizing the preferences of the customers. Through the courier service, their clothes are reaching the Bengali buyers outside the country and abroad.

Color Creation Authority Anika Tasnim Bari said – “Fashionable Dresses” is working to bring this local brand to the global stage for its tasteful designs and comfortable fabrics.

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