Threatened to kill plaintiff and demanded extortion after going out on bail

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 The victim teacher Md. Kamruzzaman Khan held a press conference at Rajapur Press Club to protest the harassment, death threats and extortion demands against the in-charge superintendent of Mohammadia Dakhil Madrasa and his family after being released on bail in Rajapur of Jhalkathi. He is the son of Alhaj Master Shahjahan Khan of Paschim Baraiya area of the upazila. Farooq Chowkidar is my relative. He attacked my father Alhaj Master Shahjahan Khan on 15th December 2015. His jab left my father with an 8 inch gash on his right side rib and a punctured lung. When we filed a case at Rajapur police station in this incident, the court gave ten years imprisonment to the accused Farooq Chowkidar based on all the evidence. Farooq Chowkidar was jailed for a year in this case after being out on bail for a few days and again imprisoned in the same case. Later he came on bail through appeal in the high court and demanded a huge amount of contribution from us. When we asked the reason for the demand for subscription, Farooq Chowkidar told us that you filed a case in my name, I was sentenced in that case. It cost me a lot of money to get bail from the High Court. If you don’t pay me now, I will kill you and destroy your family. He destroyed the rice paddy planted on our property last Sunday (September 3) afternoon. Earlier, Farooq destroyed our planted paddy seed bed on the same property several times. Whenever it is time to plant and harvest paddy in the same land, Farooq damages us financially by filing false cases in our name. Farooq can attack us at any time. Because of his fear, we are currently living in Rajapur with our family without a home. He also said that when I went to complain to the officer in charge of Rajapur police station on the night of September 5, he insulted me instead of taking my complaint. In the press conference, he asked the court and related authorities to look into did it. 

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