Threat of torture and killing the student of Islamic University’s national treasure Sheikh Hasina Hall! Normal students panic

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Md.Habibur Rahman

Kushtia District Correspondent

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Eati Akter


A first year student of Kushtia Islamic University complained of being detained and tortured for four and a half hours. Under the leadership of Sanjida Chowdhury, the vice-president of the university branch of the Chhatra League, his followers committed this incident in the common room of the Deshratna Sheikh Hasina Hall. During the torture, he was stripped naked, videotaped, abused and threatened to kill if he told anyone about this incident. The student made a written complaint to the university proctor, hall provost and student advisor on Tuesday afternoon (14th February 2023). The matter was confirmed by the Provost Samsul Haque of the National Ratna Sheikh Hasina Hall. Student of 2017-18 academic year of Statistics Department of Sanjida Chowdhury University. The other accused Tabassum is a student of the 2020-21 academic year of Finance and Banking Department. The victim girl also belongs to the same department. Last Monday night, the victim student said, according to her, the first year classes started on February 8. For this, he stayed as a guest of a resident student of Deshratna Sheikh Hasina Hall. In the freshman recruitment ceremony of the department, Tabassum of the academic year 2020-21 wants to know from the freshmen, who is the country ratna Sheikh Hasina. At this time, the student raised her hand. Tabassum was angry that he had not told her about going up to the hall. Then asked him to meet Prajapati 2 in the hall room. But he did not meet because he was ill. Tabassum scolded him when he went to class on February 11. According to the complaint of the student, due to this incident on February 12 at 11:00 p.m. Doyle called her to the common room of the hall, vice-president of the University Chhatra League Sanjida Chowdhury. There, a group of five to six people tortured him in various ways till 3:30 in the morning. He said, I was being abused with obscene language and physical abuse was being done in between. Kills, punches, slaps are not left out. The clothes were boiling on the thighs with the Alpin of the clothes. The victim girl complained that during the torture, another girl recorded the video with her mobile phone. At one stage the video was taken undressed. He cried and apologized, but they did not listen. The ordinary students present in the common room did not say anything. The victim student also said that she was threatened during the video recording. It is said that if this is told to anyone, the video will be spread. He even wrote various things against the Provost and told me, Hasbi and tell them. They have all videoed. While you were killing, you were saying don’t hit the face, hit the body so that no one can see it. He alleged that the girls threatened to kill him if he told anyone about the night. He said that he threatened to throw him out of the hall if he told anyone about this. If this word gets out, the video will go viral. They say, you will tell the hall provost sir, it is all my fault, I will not stay in this hall. Saying this, I will leave the hall. I will say this on the 14th. The victim student said, I apologized many times, but no one listened. They left after 3:30 pm. I was in the common room. Then on February 13th, I got on the bus from the front of the campus around nine in the morning and went to the village home. my body aches I feel fever. I can’t eat properly. The inside of the cheek is slightly cut. I want justice for this incident. I want everyone involved to be punished. When asked about the complaint, Chhatra League leader Sanjida Chowdhury countered by asking whether the girl had filed any complaint with the administration, after which she claimed that there is no truth in the complaint. That girl is lying. Maybe a nefarious circle is spreading misinformation against me. I came to the vice chancellor. The proof that the girl is a liar is being given to the vice chancellor. University Proctor Shahadat Hossain said that some other teachers are talking about the matter with the Vice-Chancellor. I am investigating the matter.

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