“We are shocked to hear evacuation notice from Fazle Noor Taposh, the mayor of DSCC. He comes of Bangabandhu family. He can not overlook court, liberation war sprit and constitution,” says Rana Das Gupta at a press conference in national press club today (16 February). Bangladesh Hindu Budda Christian Oikko Parishad, Nijera Kori, TIB, BLAST, BELA, Ain O Salish Kendro, Manob Odhikar Sangskriti Foundation and ALRD and Vuktovogi Jonogosti arranged the programme. Rafik Ahmed Siraji reads the written speech.Mr. Gupta also says, “Ensure of rehabilitation before you take action to clear them.”Telugu community have been linving here over two centuries. In 18th century they were allured by British government to come to this area. They were used as tea garden, municipal and railway workers. From 1982 they have been shifted several times from one place to another. The last shift happend from Saydabad Hujur Bari to Dholpur, Jatrabari in 1990.

Raj, one of Telegu people, says, “I doubts my citizenship. We don’t feel happy since February 9.” (He loses words to speak and falls into tears). Recovering from tears he again says, ” We want to live here permanently. We don’t want to lose any of our community.” Ram Namma, a telegu woman, says, “We are hopeless. We lead a normal life since evacuation order. Is it sinfull to be given birth here? We do not want to leave Bangladesh. “Adv. Tajul Islam says, “They have constitutional right to live here. No evacuation without rehabilitation. ” Prof. Rubayet Ferdous says, ” Every citizen has right to be treated equally. But the dishonest people enjoy every right.” Kajol Debnath says, “Your city will remain unclean if they are evacuated.” In response to a question Shamsul Huda says, ” We won’t retreat taking harder steps if they are not treated fairly.” Adv. Nahid Shams, Khushi Kabir, Ferojul Islam and many others distinguished persons were present in the programme.

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