Son attended his father’s funeral with a cane

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A boy named Mainul Islam alias Jabbar (45) took part in his father’s funeral with handcuffs and sticks in Manda of Naogaon. After receiving the news of his father’s death, he was released on parole from the district jail on Monday afternoon and attended the janaza at his home Nurulyabad (Dangapara) area of Nurulyabad Union.

According to local sources, the father of Jamaat activist Mainul Islam, accused in the sabotage case, Amir Uddin Pramanan died at his residence early on Monday due to old age. At that time Mainul Islam was in Naogaon jail.

Relatives said that the family appealed to Naogaon Deputy Commissioner Khaled Mehdi Hasan to see his father for the last time and participate in the funeral. Following this application, he was released for 5 hours.

After the order, he was brought from Naogaon jail to Nurulyabad (Dangapara) village of Nurulyabad union of the upazila under strict police guard on Monday afternoon. Then he attended his father’s funeral around 5 pm.

Eyewitnesses said that after being released on parole, Mainul Islam appeared at his father’s funeral near his house around 4 pm. The funeral took place around 5 pm. After his father’s burial, he was again taken to prison. Mainul Islam was handcuffed and shackled all the time.

It is to be noted that during a secret meeting on January 25, the police arrested 15 leaders and activists of various levels of Jamaat-Shibir, including Mainul Islam, from the mosque of Hajipara village in Paschim Nurullyabad of the upazila. Since then, Mainul Islam has been incarcerated in Naogaon Jail.

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