The delicious winter fruit is the plum. Sour-sweet, local and advanced varieties of plums are now being cultivated in the country. And the farmers of Ranishankail in Thakurgaon district in the north are tending to cultivate this plum as a winter crop.Farmer Amanullah Aman of Karnite village of Ranishankail upazila was inspired to grow plums after seeing a report on plum cultivation in a program called ‘Krishi Divanishi’ on TV two years ago.Motivated by the event, farmer Aman collected and planted 430 seedlings of Kashmiri apple cultivar and Bal Sundari cultivar from different places in his five bigha land. Flowering starts 6 months after planting. At present the plums are swinging from tree to tree. Such a scene is like opening eyes. Many people come from far and wide to see his plum garden. A local resident named Rafiqul Islam said that the garden made by Aman Bhai is a good initiative. I sometimes come to visit his garden. This year the yield of plums is better than last year.

He and I also plan to grow plums and malta on some fallow land I have.Farmer Amanullah Aman said, I also want to grow plum after seeing the report on TV. Along with my other crops, I collect and plant plum seedlings from different places in 5 bigha land near the house. The yield of plums has been better this time than last time. Last year, I sold plums worth 5 to 6 lakh rupees from this orchard. If the weather is favorable for the yield this year, then we can be more profitable than last year.

Ranishankail Upazila Agriculture Officer, agriculturist Sanjay Debnath said that plum cultivation is increasing day by day in this upazila. Which is 8 hectares of land where plum cultivation is taking place. Those who are interested in the cultivation of this crop are being assisted in various ways in the matter of advice and collection of seedlings. Plum cultivation is increasing day by day as Deputy Assistant Agricultural Officers regularly advise farmers at the field level.

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