The first female astronaut to be sent to the International Space Station (ISS) in the history of Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Arabian government has already announced her name.

Yesterday, Sunday, the country announced the name of Rayana Barnaby. This Saudi female astronaut will be sent to the ISS in the middle of this year.

The Saudi Arabian government has taken this decision to build capacity in manned space flight and take advantage of the opportunities in the global space sector. According to the Saudi Press Agency, in addition to the first Saudi female astronaut, Raynah Barnaby, there will be a male astronaut named Ali Alkarni. The two will join the crew of the X-2 space mission, the spacecraft will be launched from the United States. In addition, two other astronauts, Maryam Firdous and Ali Al-Ghamdi, are said to be training in the Saudi space flight program.

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