RAB-10 arrested 06 drug dealers with ganja, yaba and heroin from different places of Dhaka

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On 13/02/2023 AD, a raiding team of RAB-10 conducted an operation in Ekuria area under Dakshin Keraniganj police station of Dhaka district and arrested 03 drug dealers with 03 kg of ganja. Name of arrested person 1. Md. Rahat (24), 2. Md Riaz (25) and 3. He is known as Md. Sohag (24). Meanwhile, cash of drug sale – 3,400/- (three thousand four hundred) rupees was seized from them. Besides, on the same date, another raiding team of RAB-10 conducted another operation in the Nimbar Shah Road area under Hazaribagh police station of the capital Dhaka and arrested 01 drug dealer with 220 (two hundred and twenty) pieces of Yaba tablets. The name of the arrested person is known to be Runa (28). Meanwhile, 01 mobile phone was recovered from him. Also, on the same date, another raiding party of RAB-10 conducted an operation in Keraniganj area of Dhaka district and arrested 02 drug dealers with 50 grams of ganja and 65 puries of heroin. The names of the arrested persons are Md. Sagar @ Rahmatullah Alamin (26) and 2. He is said to be Md. Khalek (42). Meanwhile, 02 mobile phones were seized from them. Preliminary investigation revealed that the arrested persons are professional drug dealers. It is known that they have been supplying ganja, yaba and other drugs including heroin to Keraniganj and Hazaribagh and surrounding areas for quite some time. A separate drug case has been registered against the arrested persons in the concerned police station.

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