Provision of location program and memorandum for protection of property worth crores in Naogaon

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Rois Uddin Ahmed

Naogaon Correspondent

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Eati Akter

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Naogaon Model Town Managing Director Abdul Quddus has been accused of trying to grab an 18th century property worth crores of rupees through fraud. In this work, the victims have provided the position program and transcripts accusing Sadar Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) Rafiqul Islam of illegal activities in converting privately owned land into Khas land. A sit-in program was held in front of the gate of Naogaon Model Town in Chakpathuria area of the city on Thursday (June 08) at 11 am. Later, the affected landowners handed over the memorandum to Deputy Commissioner Khalid Mehdi Hasan. The memorandum demanded action against Aceland Rafiqul Islam and Abdul Quddus.

The victims complained that since the Chakpathuria area is adjacent to the Naogaon-Rajshahi regional highway, they have been conducting business by buying land and building shops there for many years. In this situation, housing businessman Abdul Quddus promised to buy land subject to contract from some land owners for the construction of residential projects there. But Quddus did not keep his word. Accompanying Aceland to convert privately owned land into Khas through conspiracy by promising to buy the lands. When the matter came to light, the angry residents were forced to submit a memorandum to the District Commissioner demanding a sit-in program to protect their land and trial of the accused. According to the transcript, land development tax of 18th century properties situated in RS Khatian 80 and RS 284 in Chakpathuria area of the city was paid till 1429 by 8 owners of the land. The land is adjacent to the 14th century Khas property A total of 32 centuries of property has been in the possession of those 8 people for many years. Recently, Aceland Rafiqul Islam has been threatening the 8 owners of the land to cancel their registered case for leasing out the 14th century from the 32nd century land to housing businessman Abdul Quddus.

The real picture there is brought to Aceland He does not care about anything even if he goes to catch it. On the contrary, they are threatening to cancel the cases of dismissal. Abul Hossain, Vidyut Hossain and Altaf Hossain, residents of Chakpathuria Mohalla, said that the land adjacent to the main road was never used as a farm. This land is the property bought by several people including Azizul. They have been in possession for many years. Aceland Rafiqul Islam came to this property a few days ago and publicly threatened. At that moment, when Aceland went to tell the truth, he also misbehaved with the elders of the area. I could not remain silent after seeing someone’s property being exposed day and night. So we also came and participated in the location program. Victims Azizul Haque, Abul Kalam Azad and Nasima Khatun said that the government’s special 14th century property is not clearly mentioned in any document of the land office which side is outside our 18th century. Our 18th century property is adjacent to the main road and is worth crores of rupees. Abdul Quddus wanted to buy this land as per the agreement as it was adjacent to the road. Later it joined forces with Aceland to convert it into Khas. After knowing this, we took a counter position. They said, our land will remain in the same condition as it was for a long time. I will not allow it to be illegally occupied by anyone. Aceland is threatening us to convert the land into Khas. Being a protector but forced by the role of the eater of Aceland, I gave the complaint and memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner. We will not allow anyone to enter the land until this is resolved. When asked about the complaint, Naogaon Model Town Managing Director Abdul Quddus said that there was no attempt to occupy anyone’s land illegally. The allegations are completely false and baseless. Naogaon Sadar Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) Rafiqul Islam said that land was acquired before I joined this office. It is our responsibility to protect that precious land. If you want to do that, there will be some obstacles This is normal. There is no truth to the allegations. Naogaon Deputy Commissioner Khalid Mehdi Hasan said that the residents of Chakpathuria area have raised complaints on several issues in the transcript. The matter is being looked at seriously. Necessary action will be taken subject to investigation.

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