PM called for a global effort to provide opportunities for women to excel in science

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Online Desk: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today stressed the need for global efforts in changing the mindset of all to allow more women and girls to excel in science, urging the womenfolk to act as an agent to change them.

“It is unfortunate that women represent only 12 percent of scientists and 30 percent of researchers globally. We must work to address the barriers in mindsets and learning environments to allow more women and girls to excel in science,” she said.

In a video statement at the 8th International Day of Women and Girls in Science Assembly held at the UN Headquarters, New York, the USA, the Prime Minister urged the women and girls to act as the agents of change themselves.

“The women and girls in science and technology must remember that they are not alone. The steps they take would help open the door further for their sisters around the world,” she said.

In Bangladesh, she said they have made it a priority to have Bangladesh’s women and girls lead in every sphere.

“Our women are doing very well in the field of research and higher education. Scholarships are being given to girls to carry out research in agriculture, industry, health, science, art, information technology – all fields,” she said.

To encourage girls, she said her government has established 5,275 digital centers across the country from where one girl and one boy entrepreneur are providing 200 types of services.

Describing measures taken by her government, she said they have established science and technology universities nationwide to ensure easy access to those for Bangladeshi boys and girls.

The Prime Minister said the hi-tech parks have created an inclusive environment where the girls can thrive alongside the boys.

“We wish to see our women and girls fulfill their potentials for innovation and creativity in science. We must bridge the gaps in opportunities available for them in developed and developing countries. We want our girls to have their full share in building smart, knowledge-based societies,” she said.

The International Day of Women and Girls in science began as a resolution by the United Nations in 2015. The mission was to address the gender gap in STEM fields by celebrating the contributions and achievements of women in science.

“Today, we celebrate the women and girls who are making important contributions to the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics,” she added.

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