plans to export delicious meat abroad through livestock expansion – Minister of Fisheries and Livestock

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 There is a plan to export delicious meat abroad through expansion of livestock across the country, said Fisheries and Livestock Minister Sh M Rezaul Karim. The minister said this while addressing the chief guest at the opening ceremony of the Livestock Service Week and Exhibition 2023 organized by the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock at the old trade fair ground adjacent to Bangabandhu International Conference Center in Agargaon of the capital on Saturday (February 25) morning. At this time, the minister said, currently there is a huge demand for Bangladeshi meat abroad. We have plans to expand the livestock across the country and export the delicious meat to foreign countries. In preparation for this, emphasis is being placed on the production of disease-free cattle. A mobile clinic has been set up in every upazila for the development of livestock. The animal will reach the hospital, the animal does not have to come to the hospital. Mentioning that the meat produced in the country is safe, the minister said, suddenly some people said that farm chickens are harmful. They cannot be eaten. Tested in international standard laboratories by Agricultural Research Council, it has been found that broiler chicken is not harmful to human body in any way. Through research, the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock has developed golden chicken, which has the same taste, smell, color as native chicken. An international quality laboratory has been set up under the direction of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to test whether milk, eggs, meat produced in the country are harmful. He also said that unemployment has reduced as the livestock sector has developed. Entrepreneurs are created as well. Besides, the rural economy has been activated. Investors in this sector become entrepreneurs and proudly say, I am not unemployed, I am an entrepreneur, I have a farm. Thus we are taking the poultry, dairy and livestock sector forward. Which was started by Bangabandhu. It was under his leadership that the first improved breed of cattle was brought to the country. The Minister of Fisheries and Livestock also said that there was a time before the sacrifice, there was a worry that the sacrifice would not be possible if cattle did not come from India-Myanmar. The livestock sector has developed today under state patronage and mainly under the direct guidance of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the planning, cooperation and patronage of her government. No longer dependent on foreign countries, one-tenth of the animals remain unsold in the market at the time of sacrifice. This success did not come suddenly. In this case, the role of the state was to encourage, motivate and support private entrepreneurs. Part of the basic human needs food security comes from the livestock sector. In the corona situation, the government has met the food needs of the people, helped the producers, helped the marketing process. Corona had incredible success in mobile sales. Milk, eggs, fish, meat have been sold at people’s doorsteps. An initiative has been taken to sell milk, eggs and meat at affordable prices during Ramadan, said the minister.

He also said that those who want to set up another factory in this sector, including poultry feed, animal feed, have been given tax concessions on the material they have to bring from abroad. Those who want to set up factories in the country in the livestock sector have been given duty exemption on import of machinery. Agricultural loans are being provided to farmers at low interest rates and in the fastest time frame. Wherever the cooperation is needed in this sector, Sheikh Hasina’s government is on its side. Stating that the public and private sectors are working together, the minister also said that the government is on the side of the farmers and entrepreneurs of the livestock sector. A visit to the livestock exhibition will show how amazing the revolution has taken place in this sector. Director General of Animal Resources Department. Under the chairmanship of Emdadul Haque Talukdar, the Secretary of the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock was present as a special guest. Nahid Rashid. ATM Mustafa Kamal, Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock gave a welcome speech on the occasion. At this time, the additional secretary of the ministry gave a speech among others. Abdul Qayyum, Director General of Fisheries Department b. Mahbubul Haque, Executive Director of Perspective Syed Borhan Kabir, President of Bangladesh Dairy Farmers Association Mohammad Imran Hossain and others. Earlier, the minister inaugurated the two-day Livestock Exhibition 2023 organized in Dhaka by flying balloons and pigeons. After the inauguration ceremony, the minister visited the livestock exhibition and interacted with the farmers.

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